Pardison Fontaine Drops Official Video for “Shake Sum”

by SU Staff
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Pardi is back! The multi-platinum artist and GRAMMY® Award-winning wordsmith has dropped the official video for “Shake Sum,” the hit single from his latest EP, ‘SEXT8PE.’

Pardi’s style is unlike any other, and “Shake Sum” is a perfect representation of this uniqueness. The tune features a tight, bouncy, and minimalistic production that lets Pardi’s bars take center stage. Listening to Pardi spit his fun and clever lyrics is nothing short of a delight. Every line is so carefully crafted, and his flow is so smooth that it’s hard not to nod your head along to the beat. So crank up the volume, and let the rhythm take you on a journey!

Pardison Fontaine’s “Shake Sum” is a must-watch. It’s a bombastic and confident track that combines a thrilling beat with breathtaking flow and lyrics. And with the official video to match, it’s hard not to appreciate the unique and innovative approach that Pardi brings to the game. It’s a track that’s changing the game and expanding the boundaries of what we typically expect from hip-hop music.

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