AZ Drops New Album “Truth Be Told”

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AZ, Grammy-nominated legend, stands as a pillar in the hip-hop community, consistently delivering lyrical prowess and authenticity. His Grammy recognition for “Full Circle” cast a spotlight on a career that has intricately woven through the growth and transitions of the genre. AZ’s collaborative magic on Nas’ “King’s Disease” acted as a testament to his lasting relevancy in an ever-changing music landscape.

After a silence spanning a decade, AZ returned triumphantly with “Doe Or Die II,” a sequel to his debut that brought fans a star-studded roster of featured artists. However, it’s his latest sonic masterpiece, “Truth Be Told,” that’s currently setting the industry abuzz. This album doesn’t just signify another entry in a storied career but highlights his evolution as an artist who can skate effortlessly over the soulful and boom-bap influenced beats conjured by the renowned Buckwild.

“Truth Be Told” is adorned with heavyweight collaborations featuring industry giants like Fat Joe, lyrical wizard Pharoahe Monch, and the soul-stirring Mumu Fresh. With Buckwild’s production, which echoes the finest hours of The Notorious B.I.G. and Jay-Z, the album promises to resonate with fans old and new. Available across all Digital Service Platforms (DSPs), “Truth Be Told” is not just an album, but a chronicle of an artist who continues to defy expectations and time. So, dive in, listen closely, and bear witness to the unfolding of AZ’s undiminished legacy.

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