Multi-Platinum Artist Russ Drops New EP Featuring 2 Fresh Tracks: “That’s My Girl” & “Tired”

by Qwaci Gregory
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Chart-topping sensation Russ is back with an exciting release for his loyal fans. The self-produced EP showcases two brand-new tracks, “That’s My Girl” and “Tired,” which have been highly anticipated by listeners. This unique EP launch follows Russ’s innovative move of introducing a voting platform exclusively for fans who are part of “Russworld.” Through this platform, fans got the exclusive chance to listen to 10 unreleased song snippets and vote for the one they wanted to hear next. As a result, “That’s My Girl” and “Tired” emerged as the top favorites, delighting fans with a dual-track treat.

Russ’s fan-centric approach shines through this release, highlighting his dedication to putting his audience first and delivering the music they crave the most. The track “That’s My Girl” has already sparked a frenzy on TikTok, with over 10,000 user-generated creations circulating even before the official release of the song.

Renowned for his continuous stream of music releases, this two-track EP adds to Russ’s impressive discography, following hits like “In The Dirt,” “Drives,” and his introspective album “SANTIAGO,” which dominated the charts last summer.

In a testament to his artistic versatility, Russ has also unveiled orchestral renditions of his songs “3:15 (Breathe),” “Drives,” and “Psycho Pt. 2,” recorded live with Strings from Paris. This musical experiment showcases Russ’s commitment to pushing boundaries and exploring new dimensions within his craft.

Stay tuned for more updates on Russ’s musical journey, and don’t miss out on immersing yourself in the captivating sounds of “That’s My Girl” and “Tired.” Dive into Russ’s world of music excellence and experience the evolution of a true multi-platinum artist who continues to redefine the music industry.

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