Saigon x Fredro Unleashes the “Lyrical Genius” in Bold New Video as a Prelude to ‘The Jordan Era’

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Hip-hop fans, brace yourselves for an electrifying journey back to the roots with Saigon and Fredro’s latest masterpiece, “Lyrical Genius.” This dynamic duo has just dropped the much-anticipated video for their groundbreaking single, a reverberating anthem dedicated to one of the founding fathers of the hip-hop movement, Grandmaster Caz. The energy is palpable, the beats are relentless, and the homage is deeply felt through every verse and frame.

As if this wasn’t enough to get your hip-hop heart racing, there’s more. Saigon x Fredro has officially announced ‘The Jordan Era’ album, a monumental project set for release in early 2024 under the iconic label PAYDAY RECORDS. This isn’t just another album; it’s a collection of collaborations with a roll call of hip-hop royalty: Pete Rock, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, Sadat X, and more laying down verses over Fredro’s expert production.

“I created The Jordan Era to honor the incredible influence of Grandmaster Caz on my life as an artist,” says Saigon. “This record and music video pay homage to the remarkable culture of Hip-Hop that I’m proud to be a part of.” With “Lyrical Genius,” they tip their hats to Caz’s iconic focus on lyrical excellence. The track, rife with the wisdom of hip-hop’s golden age, is their bow to history as we round up the 50th Anniversary celebration of hip-hop.

Coming from a background where genres like rock and heavy metal reigned, Saigon’s encounter with Hip-Hop’s “4 Elements” through films like Wild Style was life-altering, redirecting his path towards the enriched and storied landscape of rap. ”The Jordan Era’ isn’t simply an album; it’s a living, breathing tribute to the genre that molded legends.

Prepare yourselves for a throwback with a fresh spin as “Lyrical Genius” takes you on a nostalgia trip with modern finesse. And stay tuned for ‘The Jordan Era’ – a historical musical capsule promising to deliver the essence of hip-hop’s illustrious legacy.

🎤✨ Watch the “Lyrical Genius” video now and experience the rich tapestry of hip-hop unwrapped by two of its most passionate advocates. And remember, early 2024 is the date when ‘The Jordan Era’ will take you back to the golden days. Keep it locked to PAYDAY RECORDS for this unforgettable sonic experience. 🎶👟

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