Benny The Butcher’s Hard-Hitting Def Jam Debut: ‘Everybody Can’t Go’

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Benny The Butcher, Grammy-Nominated and Emmy-Award-winning member of Buffalo’s Griselda collective, has just unleashed his explosive Def Jam debut album, Everybody Can’t Go.

This album is a raw beacon of hip-hop artistry, delivering 12 solid tracks that showcase Benny’s lyrical prowess and authentic storytelling. The album’s much-discussed curtain-raiser “Jermaine’s Graduation” sets a real and emotional tone with its glassy piano melody overlaying Benny’s powerful narrative of personal growth and familial struggles.

Pillow Talk & Slander” is where rap becomes an art form. Here, Benny, Jadakiss, and Babyface Ray seamlessly weave their verses into a nuanced tapestry of street intellect and fiery tenacity. Another gem, “Griselda Express“, sees Westside Gunn, Conway The Machine, and Rick Hyde jump on a track that’s destined to be a fan favorite with its thunderous charisma.

Every journey has its reflection point, and Benny’s arrives with “Big Tymers”, featuring Peezy. It’s an introspective close to an album that has taken us through the ups and downs of his life’s path, underscoring the complexity and resolve that has shaped his character.

And let’s not forget the anthemic “One Foot In” ft. Stove God Cooks, produced by the legendary HIT-BOY—a track that has already captivated audiences with its million-strong streams and critical accolades.

From the moment Benny dropped “Big Dog” featuring Lil Wayne, we knew this album was destined to make waves. Praised for its gritty boom bap revival by Brooklyn Vegan and its fun bars by The FADER, Benny’s Def Jam era has kicked off with a resounding ovation that echoes throughout the hip-hop world.

Everybody Can’t Go is more than an album; it’s a milestone in Benny’s career and a soundtrack that demands to be heard. Be part of the experience and listen HERE.

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