The Black Geek Documentary: Celebrating the History and Influence of Blerds

by SU Staff
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The documentary, curated and told by Geekset, an organization that merges hip-hop culture with geek culture, will feature interviews with prominent black geek icons, such as actor Michael Jai White, writer and producer Eric Haywood, and comic book artist Afua Richardson. Through these interviews and archival footage, viewers will learn about the origins of black nerd culture and how it has evolved over the decades.

One of the key topics that The Black Geek will explore is how black artists and creators have often been sidelined in the mainstream geek culture. Despite their contributions, their work has sometimes been ignored, appropriated, or dismissed by white gatekeepers. The documentary will examine how black geeks have navigated this landscape and found ways to break through the barriers, creating their own comics, games, and movies.

Another important aspect that The Black Geek will touch on is the role that black geek culture has played in shaping pop culture. From the Afrofuturistic world-building of Sun Ra to the groundbreaking music of Parliament-Funkadelic to the rise of Black Panther in the Marvel Universe, black geeks have made an indelible imprint on our cultural imagination.

But The Black Geek is not just a celebration of history; it’s a call to action for the future. The documentary will challenge viewers to think beyond stereotypes and cliches and to recognize the value and diversity of black nerd culture. It will also inspire young black geeks to pursue their passions and create their own stories, knowing that they are part of a vibrant and growing community.

The Black Geek is a documentary that celebrates the underrepresented and often overlooked black nerd culture. It showcases the rich history and contributions of black geeks and aims to change the negative stereotypes that Hollywood and the media have perpetuated. The documentary is an exciting opportunity for viewers to learn about the pioneers and innovators in this community and to appreciate the diversity and creativity that define it. We can’t wait to see The Black Geek and hope that it will inspire a new generation of black geeks to embrace their passions and share their stories with the world.

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