CURIOUS SOUNDS: A Dialogue in Three Movements – A Medley of Art, Stories and Conversations

by SU Staff
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In the bustling universe of art, where chaos and beauty often intertwine, “Curious Sounds: A Dialogue in Three Movements” emerges as a captivating symphony. This extraordinary collaborative work is from two innovative Black artists – Roger Mooking, the Trinidadian-born, Canadian-raised creator of immersive artistic experiences, and Francesca Ekwuyasi, a writer who won wide acclaim with her debut novel “Butter Honey Pig Bread”.

“Curious Sounds” is a testament to the duo’s shared journey of discovery, their search for solace, perspective, and the harmony that exists within life’s cacophony. This multi-layered work transcends the boundaries of traditional art forms, iterating a dialogue that traverses various mediums.

Mooking’s latest album, “SoundBites”, forms the scaffold for this book. It’s a backdrop for rich conversations that weave through creativity, Blackness, family, grief, and beyond. Ekwuyasi’s reflective essays on art-making, storytelling, and creative expression intertwine seamlessly with Mooking’s multimedia visual art, micro stories, music, and lyrics, creating a quilt of thoughts on how meaning is constructed through the rhythm of life.

The book is arranged in three parts akin to the arc of life – the Learning, the Living, and the Leaving. Each section, a repository of fleeting moments and visuals, invites readers into a world where chaos is beautiful, where sounds are curious, and where every dialogue is a movement towards understanding. With “Curious Sounds”, Mooking and Ekwuyasi have crafted an interactive collection that encourages engagement, introspection, and a deeper appreciation of the beauty in chaos.

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