25 Must Have Books This Holiday Season

by SU Staff
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The Sway’s Universe Team has compiled an enticing spread of 25 must-read books for this holiday season. Our list spans a variety of genres, from youth books to biographies, cooking, drama, financial literacy, inspirational, instructional, and sensory books.

Youth Books:

  1. ‘Raising Kings: 10 Principles of Manhood’ by Mysonne Linen and Heddrick McBride: A powerful guide for young men navigating their path towards adulthood.
  2. ‘Magic Hair’ by Raquel Hudson: A celebration of identity, embracing and loving one’s natural hair.
  3. ‘Nubia: The Reckoning’ by Omar Epps: A thrilling superhero story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.
  4. ‘Little Daymond Learns to Earn’ by Daymond John: A delightful book that teaches the value of money and hard work.

Biographical Books:

  1. ‘Omegle Bars 100’ by Harry Mack: A book full of freestyle rap adventures from the renowned freestyler Harry Mack.
  2. ‘The Upcycled Self’ by Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter: A deep dive into the journey of reinvention and self-discovery.
  3. ‘Behind The Hits’ by Christopher ‘Drumma Boy’ Gholson: Chronicles of his musical journey and the creation of his greatest hits.
  4. ‘Chronicles of the Juice Man: A Memoir’ by Juicy J: An intimate insight into the life and times of Juicy J.
  5. ‘Unbroken’ by Dr. Trisha Bailey: An inspiring story of resilience and determination.
  6. ‘Tupac Shakur: The Authorized Biography’ by Staci Robinson: An authorized biography that provides an inside look into Tupac Shakur’s life and legacy.
  7. “Dilla Time”: The Life, Legacy, and Musical Genius of J Dilla by Dan Charnas: A detailed account of the life and career of the late hip-hop producer J Dilla.

Cooking Books:

  1. ‘Goon with the Spoon’ by Snoop Dogg and Earl “E-40” Stevens: A fun and flavorful journey into the kitchens of Snoop Dogg and E-40.
  2. ‘Eat Smarter Family Cookbook: 100 Delicious Recipes to Transform Your Health, Happiness, and Connection’ by Shawn Stevenson: A collection of wholesome, family-friendly recipes.

Drama Books:

  1. ‘Flipping Boxcars’ by Cedric The Entertainer: A riveting tale of resilience, despair, and redemption.
  2. ‘Laws of Annihilation (Martyr Maker, 3)’ by Eriq LaSalle: The third installment in the Martyr Maker series, filled with intrigue and suspense.

Inspirational Books:

  1. ‘Adversity for Sale: Ya Gotta Believe’ by Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins: A book on overcoming adversity and achieving greatness.
  2. ‘The Streets Win: A Triumph of Hip-Hop Culture’ by LL Cool J: An insightful exploration of hip-hop culture’s triumph over adversity.
  3. ‘Unbothered’ by Omarion: A guide to achieving peace and tranquility amidst chaos.
  4. ‘The Urgent Life’ by Bozoma Saint John: A look into embracing life’s urgency in the pursuit of success.

Instructional Books:

  1. When We All Get Together’ by Alexis H. Moore: When We All Get Together is a guide designed to help a host/hostess tap into a deeper level of cultivating intimate gatherings.
  1. ‘Chump Change Big Gains Right Games’ by Patrick “DJ Ampz” Adams: A guide to financial success through smart investments.
  2. ‘The Ten Dad Commandments’ by Esteban Serrano: A must-read for fathers seeking to balance fatherhood and personal growth.

Sensory Books:

  1. ‘Curious Sounds’ by Chef Roger Mooking: A sensory delight, combining cooking and soundscapes.

Financial Literacy Books:

  1. ‘Why Should White Guys Have All the Wealth?’ by Cedric Nash An eye-opening exploration of the racial wealth gap in America.

History Books:

  1. ‘Precolonial Black Africa’ by Cheikh Anta Diop: A comprehensive look into the ancient civilizations of Black Africa.

These books not only make for great reading, but also serve as wonderful gifts for loved ones this holiday season. Expand your mind and broaden your horizons with these 25 must-read books, carefully curated by Sway’s Universe Team. Happy reading! Happy Holidays from the Sway’s Universe Team! Keep checking our website for more book recommendations and updates on all things entertainment, culture, and lifestyle.

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