Laws of Annihilation (Martyr Maker, 3) By Eriq LaSalle: A Gripping Thriller That Keeps You on the Edge

by SU Staff
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Eriq La Salle, renowned for his acting prowess in productions like ER, Coming to America, and Logan, has carved a niche for himself in the realm of crime fiction. His latest offering, “Laws of Annihilation,” the third book in the Martyr Maker series, is testimony to his narrative skill.

Set against the backdrop of a sweltering New York City summer, “Laws of Annihilation” dives into an escalating conflict between the Hasidic and Black communities after a tragic incident claims the life of a Black teenager. The tension reaches a fever pitch when two rabbis are brutally killed at their synagogue, an act that seems like retribution.

The city teeters on the brink of a full-scale war amid the mounting body count and rising temperatures. Amidst this chaos, the dreams of Agent Janet Maclin, aspiring to be the FBI’s first female director, crumble as she receives disheartening news. However, Maclin’s resolve remains unbroken; she is determined to assist NYPD detectives Quincy Cavanaugh and Phee Freeman in hunting down the rabbis’ killer and stemming the tide of hate crimes.

La Salle has skillfully woven a tale marked by relentless action, unexpected twists, and a palpable sense of suspense that will keep readers hooked till the last page. It is his mastery of the genre, honed while directing and executive producing episodes of popular crime shows like Law & Order, Law and Order SVU, Law & Order: Organized Crime, CSI: NY, and Chicago PD with Dick Wolf, that truly shines through in “Laws of Annihilation”. This book is a must-read for every thriller enthusiast.

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