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Reggie Hudson

 Please read carefully….
SWAY IN THE MORNING SHOW Submission Information
Please send all pitches with detailed information.  Press releases, dates in New York City and any other pertinent info for consideration to 
Someone will contact you after review.
FRIDAY FIRE CYPHER (Emcees and Producers submissions)


  • bio
  • video links
  • music


  • discography
  • sample of work

Put FRIDAY FIRE CYPHER in the subject line.

Submit bio, video links, music and contact information 
Sway in the Morning weekly segment where artists have the opportunity to let Sway and the Citizens hear your music and give feedback.  
Submit bio, 2 songs and contact information 
can include video links and social media handles

If selected, a Sway in the Morning representative will contact you with details. 


For all inquiries regarding speaking engagements, hosting events or appearances ONLY
(do not submit artist’s bio and/or music here. it will be deleted)

Kelly Jackson at

Please submit all pertinent information:
Date, Event, Offer Fee, Contact info


If you would like to send SWAY product from your clothing brand,
please send to the address below.

Mailing Address:
322 West 52nd Street, #592
New York, NY 10101
attn: Kelly Jackson/Sway

  1. Looking for info on how to go about submitting an artist for the ” get in the game ” segment

  2. much respect to everyone on the sway team its thorough.
    And if ever given oppertunity i would deff go in on it with our big homie Blind fury hes been an inspiration s i nce i first was introduced. Again much love

  3. sway i been watching u for years i think if u heard me u could help me please and thank you so much bro look forward to talking with you please contact me u wont be dissapointed

  4. Really enjoyed your interview with Akon. I appreciated his entrepreneurial spirit. Quick correction. African-Americans have penetrated the pharmaceutical industry. Kenneth Frazier is the chairman & CEO of Merck & Co. As well, my friend, an African-Canadian (Jamaican descent) is the CEO of another pharmaceutical company responsible for FDA approval of the Fsh blood test kit. He currently resides in Kinshasa, Congo working on another pharmaceutical innovation using their natural resources. Just want to clear up that misinformation. Still appreciate Akon and your crew for talking business…graduating in financial education is the ultimate diploma.

  5. Listening to you on my way into work has brought new light to my life. I was sitting in a pretty dark place mentally until I heard you talking about counting your blessings. It inspired me to reach out and talk to people because other don’t have that opportunity; I love my drives to and from work knowing that tomorrow I might not get the pleasure of making it again. Thank you for everything you and your team does. Y’all keep them good vibes coming and I truly appreciate the love.

  6. Marc Rebillet….. man brother Sway you got to have that guy back on the show or at least change the intro to the beat he made for you, it’s sick. I have to play YouTube in the morning to hear that to get hyped up before I listen to your show.

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