Torae and Marco Polo Talk About the Making of “Midnight Run” on Sway In The Morning

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Torae and Marco Polo are back with their latest album “Midnight Run,” and fans are raving about it. Torae and Marco Polo recently stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss how they made their latest album, including the story behind its latest single, “The Return.”

In the interview with Sway, Torae and Marco Polo explore the creation process behind their latest album. Torae said that they approached “Midnight Run” very intimately, taking time to craft each track carefully. The pair wanted to create music that was between them and the listener—a deeply personal experience that they hoped would resonate with fans all over the world.

The process of making “The Return” was also discussed in-depth. The single was initially recorded in 2016, and they both agreed that it had potential, but something was missing. It took a couple of years before they could finally come back to it and add in the missing pieces. Marco went back to the drawing board to revise the beat, and Torae re-worked the lyrics to bring it up to his level of expectation. The result was a timeless classic that was perfect for their latest album.

Torae and Marco Polo are a dynamic duo that have created some of the most captivating and authentic music. Their latest album, “Midnight Run,” is a testament to their creativity and the passion they have for their craft. The interview on Sway in the Morning gave fans an inside look at the making of their latest album, and it’s clear that these artists have a bright future together. We can’t wait to hear what they come out with next!

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