Jon Batiste Jams with CR, Klassik Poet, Keen Street and Dell-P

by SU Staff
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Music is a language that needs no translation. It transcends borders, cultures, and languages. There’s nothing quite like witnessing a jam session between different musicians who come from different genres. Recently, Grammy Award Winning musician Jon Batiste stopped by for a jam session with rappers CR, Klassik Poet, Keen Street and Dell-P. The result was a musical masterpiece that not only showcased the different talents of the participating musicians but also created a unique sound that left everyone in awe.

Jon Batiste is a talented musician who is known for his soulful jazz compositions. He began playing the piano at a young age and has been refining his craft ever since. He has collaborated with various musicians, both established and rising talents, and his music continues to resonate with a diverse audience. Hence, when CR, Klassik Poet, Keen Street and Dell-P found out that Jon Batiste was interested in collaborating with them, they couldn’t refuse the chance.

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