Nems & Scram Jones ‘Rise of The Silverback’ Is The Hardest Album In 2023

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Nems has unlocked the cheat code in pairing with Scram Jones! The Rise of The Silverback album is nostalgic and new at the same time. All the 90’s hip-hop fans of bully rap are going to love this one.

Nems is fresh off his signing with Goliath Records and delivers his latest album ‘The Rise of The Silverback.’ The album marks a new era in the genre as Nems teams up with legendary producer Scram Jones to create an unforgettable listening experience. The 12-track album takes you on a journey through the golden era of hip-hop while adding a modern twist to it from Coney Island’s view.

The Rise of The Silverback features some of the most iconic names in the industry such as Sheek Louch, Ghostface Killah, Fat Joe, Gunplay, and Peedi Crakk. The collaboration of these renowned artists with Nems and Scram Jones showcases the true essence of old-school hip-hop. The album is packed with aggressive beats, intricate wordplay, and thought-provoking lyrics that will make you reminisce about the good old days.

The production on the album is an unparalleled masterpiece by Scram Jones. His signature sound every track proves that he is one the best bet when it comes to the boombap sound we love to hear. Scram’s beats are raw, gritty, and heavy, creating the perfect background for Nems and his collaborators to showcase their talents dynamically.

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The standout track on the album, however, is ‘DON’T EVER DISRESPECT ME,’ where Nems goes crazy, but Ghostface delivers on what might be considered the verse of the year!

The Rise of The Silverback is not just an album, it’s a movement. Nems and Scram Jones have created something special and this is just the beginning. The album takes a powerful stand to resist the changing landscape of the industry and stay true to its roots. It is a celebration of a classic hip-hop sound and a reflection of the passion that drives the genre. If you haven’t tappedin yet, make sure you do it now because this album will make you fall in love with hip-hop all over again.

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