Don Trip Talks About His 9th Project of the YEAR “1207 James St.”

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Don Trip is on a roll with his 9th project of the year “1207 James St.”, which is now available on all streaming platforms. Recently, he had a chance to talk about his project on Sway In The Morning about what this project means to him. If you’re a fan of Don Trip or just curious about the project, keep reading to find out more!

Don Trip has been busy this year, releasing one project a month and “1207 James St.” is just the latest addition. During his interview with Sway, he talked about his motivation behind dropping so much music this year. According to Don Trip, he wanted to take advantage of the streaming era and make sure that people don’t forget about him. Well, with over 55 million streams this year, it’s safe to say that he’s achieved his goal.

But what about the new project? “1207 James St.” has already made waves, peaking at #15 on iTunes hip hop chart and #26 on Apple Hip hop charts. Don Trip explained that the project was inspired by his childhood home, where he and his mother struggled to make ends meet. The project’s title is the address of that home. He went on to say that the project is a reflection of his journey and where he came from.

Don Trip also talked about his previous project, “The Devil You Know”, which has done over 11 million streams since April. He explained that the project was meant to be a representation of the devil that we all have inside of us. Don Trip said that he wanted to show his listeners that they’re not alone in their struggles and that he also has his demons to battle.

Don Trip’s interview with Sway In The Morning gave us a glimpse into the mind of a hardworking and passionate artist. It’s clear that Don Trip is not just interested in making good music, but he also wants to use his platform to inspire others and make a positive impact. If you’re a fan of Don Trip or just looking for some motivation, we highly recommend checking out his interview. And don’t forget to listen to “1207 James St.”, which is out now on all streaming platforms.

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