Stan da Man Speaks On His Production Journey On The Moving Forward Podcast

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Music production has come a long way since its inception, and with the technology we have today, it has become easier to create, mix, and master tracks. However, very few of us know what goes behind the curtains of a music producer. Check out this exclusive Moving Forward Podcast interview with music producer Stan da Man – the man behind the beats of some of the most legendary rappers like Papoose, KRS-One, and Tek from Smif-N-Wessun. It takes a closer look at how he got his start, the iconic artists he’s collaborated with, and his penchant for music creation using nothing more than his phone.

Stan da Man’s story began in Brooklyn, where he grew up among a diverse and vibrant music culture. Stan’s interest in music began when he was just a teen, where he honed his skills by partnering with a local DJ. This partnership led him to learn the ropes of beat-making and music production. He soon began to create his tracks and collaborated with local rappers to get their music heard. His big break came when DJ Kay Slay discovered him and gave him a platform to showcase his talent.

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One of the most significant advantages Stan has over other music producers is his ability to create music spontaneously. He doesn’t require high-end equipment or studio technology to do so. Instead, he utilizes his phone, which he claims is sufficient to construct a full-fledged beat in just a few minutes. Stan’s skill in creating music quickly has made him a sought-after producer among up-and-coming rappers who want original beats for their tracks.

Stan da Man’s music journey has been nothing short of amazing. From his origins in Brooklyn to sharing his expertise across the world, Stan has proven himself to be a master of music production. His collaborations with renowned artists and his work with esteemed DJ Kay Slay showcase his incredible talent. Stan’s mastery in music creation using just his phone cements his position as a revolutionary figure in contemporary music production. We hope that this blog post has given you insight into Stan da Man’s life and influenced your perspective on the music industry.

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