Marlon Wayans Ready to Shine in Jordan Peele-Produced Flick, “GOAT”

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Marlon Wayans is all set to star in the upcoming horror flick “GOAT,” produced by none other than Jordan Peele, and backed by Monkeypaw Productions and Universal. Wayans took to Instagram with a vibrant post to announce this exciting news, originally reported by Deadline: “Here we go, y’all! Buckle up ’cause this gonna be one wild ride. GOAT, baby!”

Wayans wasn’t done yet, with a follow-up post quoting The Hollywood Reporter, “Oh man, I’ma tell you, be careful what you wish for ’cause it just might come true. Ain’t no time for excuses, y’all. Let’s get to work!” In “GOAT,” Wayans will play a soon-to-retire legendary athlete tasked with training an up-and-comer.

The film’s director, Justin Tipping, is known for his work on “Kicks” back in 2016. Further casting details remain to be revealed, so keep your eyes peeled.

Marlon Wayans, a veteran with over three decades in the entertainment industry, is praised for his consistently powerful performances. His recent roles include a deadbeat dad in the revamped “Fresh Prince” series, “Bel-Air,” and a college basketball coach in Ben Affleck’s “Air.” Over his illustrious career, Wayans has worked alongside industry titans like Tupac, Jared Leto, and Matt Damon.

While no official release date for “GOAT” has been announced yet, the anticipation is high. Wayans, represented by 3 Arts, WME, Vision PR, and Kevin Yorn and Ryan Goodell of Morris Yorn, is set to deliver another standout performance. Stay tuned—it’s gonna be a wild ride indeed!

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