GIVĒON Unveils New Studio with Tres Generaciones Tequila, Receives Shoutout from Long Beach Mayor

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In a heartwarming move of community love and personal tribute, GIVĒON, the acclaimed R&B singer with his soulful tunes and unique voice, recently came back to his hometown of Long Beach, California. To the delight of his local fans, GIVĒON revealed a brand-new recording studio at the iconic VIP Records. This generous act not only honors his origins but also serves as a light of hope for budding artists in Long Beach.

The incredible studio, a thoughtful gift from GIVĒON in partnership with Tres Generaciones Tequila, isn’t just a music hub; it represents the singer’s strong ties to his hometown and his wish to give back to the community that molded him. The event became extra special when Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia gave GIVĒON a proclamation, acknowledging his dedication and support to the city.

GIVĒON’s collaboration with Tres Generaciones Tequila isn’t just about the studio; it involves donating 100 hours of studio time to the community through VIP Records. This move brings musicians back to the iconic VIP Records’ walls after decades, a place filled with musical history in Long Beach. At the event, GIVĒON shared a personal story of finding inspiration within these walls, reflecting on the day he wrote “Heartbreak Anniversary,” a song that resonates with many and has gone multi-platinum.

Fresh off hitting his fifth platinum single with “For Tonight,” GIVĒON’s move to launch a recording studio not only honors his musical wins but also boosts his position as a mentor and supporter for up-and-coming artists. With this studio, GIVĒON not only revels in his achievements but also highlights the significance of giving back, encouraging a new generation to aim high, create passionately, and stay true to their roots.

The connection among GIVĒON, Tres Generaciones Tequila, and Long Beach highlights a strong sense of community, pride in heritage, and the pursuit of dreams. It shows GIVĒON’s spirit and his vision for a future where music remains a powerful, life-transforming influence for many.

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