Rap Dad’s Episode 5: Mixed Race Parenting & At Home Childbirth w/ DJ Drewski

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This week on The Rap Dads Show, we’re thrilled to spotlight DJ Drewski, a prominent figure in the New York City music scene. Get ready for an electrifying episode where we explore how this dynamic dad orchestrates the rhythm of urban culture, engages with rising talents, and fosters his young daughter’s dreams, all under the relentless demands of the spotlight.

Dive deep into the heartwarming father-daughter moments as Drewski discusses parenting a child with exceptional talent. We reveal his approach to guiding her in a way that ignites her passions while ensuring she stays grounded.

How does one maintain the delicate balance between a high-profile career and parenting? In this candid segment, learn about the triumphs and trials Drewski faces as he navigates life in the public eye, and how he keeps family at the forefront amidst it all.

So, don’t miss out! Join us for an unforgettable journey through music, fatherhood, and the art of keeping it real with none other than DJ Drewski. Tune in, be inspired, and witness how the beat of the city and the beat of the heart synchronize perfectly in The Rap Dads Show.

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