Rap Dad’s Episode 2: From Ken Bennett to Taylor Bennett: A Generational Tale of Fatherhood Wisdom!

by SU Staff
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In episode 2 of Rap Dads, we had the pleasure of riding along with Chicago’s very own, Taylor Bennett. In the comfort of the Rap Dads Sprinter, Taylor shared with us his journey through fatherhood and the profound ways it has impacted his life.

Taylor’s fatherhood journey is heavily influenced by the lessons he learned from his own father, the remarkable Ken Bennett. He reflected on the wisdom passed down from his father and how it has shaped his approach to fatherhood. Taylor emphasized that his primary mission as a father is to ensure his sons feel confident and comfortable expressing themselves freely.

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Fatherhood, Taylor revealed, has had a profound impact on his perception of manhood. It has shaped and molded him, instilling a sense of responsibility and giving him a new perspective on life. This transformative journey is not only evident in his personal life but also transcends into his music.

Experience the full depth of this conversation by tuning into The Rap Dads Show podcast, available on all platforms! This episode offers a rich tapestry of insights into the life of a rap dad navigating the challenges and rewards of fatherhood. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of fatherhood, with Taylor Bennett as your guide.

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