Westside Gunn’s New Album And Then You Pray For Me Marks a Turning Point in His Career

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Westside Gunn has been one of the most exciting and prolific rappers of the past few years, with a string of critically acclaimed projects that have cemented his status as a leading figure in the underground hip-hop scene. But with his latest album, And Then You Pray For Me, he seems to be signaling a change in direction, announcing that it will be his final studio album and that he plans to focus on smaller projects from now on.

And Then You Pray For Me is a sprawling, ambitious album that showcases Westside Gunn’s unique blend of streetwise storytelling and avant-garde experimentation. The album features a dizzying array of guest appearances and production styles, from the classic boom-bap of RZA to the trap-influenced beats of Tay Keith and the eerie soundscapes of Daringer. Throughout it all, Westside Gunn remains a compelling presence, effortlessly shifting between braggadocious rhymes, poignant reflections on life in the streets, and surrealistic imagery that suggests a deep connection to the art world.

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Overall, And Then You Pray For Me is a bold and challenging album that rewards repeated listens and close attention. It may not be Westside Gunn’s most immediate or accessible work, but it is certainly his most ambitious and far-reaching. By announcing that it will be his final studio album, he seems to be acknowledging that he has reached a new level of artistic maturity and that he is ready to move on to new challenges and opportunities.

Westside Gunn’s And Then You Pray For Me marks a turning point in his career, a statement of artistic intent that showcases his versatility and ambition as a rapper and producer and he talked about it all on Sway In The Morning. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, it is a powerful and uncompromising work that demands to be heard on its own terms. Whether he decides to focus on smaller projects or continue to push the boundaries of hip-hop, it is clear that Westside Gunn is a talent to watch, an artist who is constantly evolving and innovating.

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