The Baddest Bitch in Every Room: Sophia Chang’s Multi-Faceted Journey

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From screenwriting to managing music icons, to empowering women of color with her mentorship program, Unlock Her Potential, Sophia Chang is a force to be reckoned with. Her expertise extends beyond the music industry, having made waves in the fashion world, digital realm, and even the cannabis industry. Sophia’s creative genius continues to captivate audiences, and with an FX series in the works based on her Audible memoir, “The Baddest Bitch in the Room,” her star continues to rise.

Sophia Chang’s journey began in Vancouver, Canada, where she grew up as the daughter of Korean immigrants. After moving to New York City to attend college, Sophia found herself immersed in the music industry, working with icons such as Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RZA, and A Tribe Called Quest. Her managerial prowess saw her rise through the ranks of Atlantic, Jive, and Universal, serving in vital roles in each company. As A&R Admin, General Manager, and even Senior Director, Sophia effortlessly navigated the constantly evolving landscape of the music industry.

Beyond the music industry, Sophia continued to excel in other fields. She produced captivating runway shows for Vivienne Tam and “Project Runway All Stars.” Sophia even ventured into the digital realm, working as an accomplished account executive for a leading digital agency. Her dedication to exploring new avenues saw her pivot into the booming cannabis industry as well, further expanding her already impressive portfolio.

Sophia’s memoir, “The Baddest Bitch in the Room,” saw its release in print on 9/8/20, making waves across literary circles. The book sheds light on Sophia’s journey and offers valuable insights into managing music icons. The gripping memoir also showcases Sophia’s wit and candidness, making it a must-read for anyone interested in the music industry.

Sophia’s passion for empowering women of color led her to create Unlock Her Potential, offering invaluable mentorship. The groundbreaking program is designed to inspire confidence and provide guidance to women of color on their professional journeys. Sophia’s commitment to paying it forward speaks to her moral compass and her desire to contribute positively to the world.

Sophia Chang is a multi-faceted creative genius, whose journey is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. Her star continues to rise, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store next. From managing iconic musicians to producing captivating runway shows to empowering women of color, Sophia has truly proven that she is the baddest bitch in every room.

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