Mysonne Dropped Furious 10-Minute Freestyle and talks New Book on Sway In The Morning

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Recently, rapper and activist Mysonne stopped by Sway In the Morning to discuss his latest project – a children’s book titled Raising Kings: 10 Principles of Manhood. It is a book that aims to teach young boys how to become strong, honorable, and responsible individuals. Mysonne co-authored this book with Heddrick McBride, and they both laid out the 10 principles of manhood that all young boys should follow.

In the interview, Mysonne spoke about the purpose of this book, the current state of the rap industry, and how his messaging in music and books must be relatable to the younger generation for them to listen.

The Purpose of ‘Raising Kings’
The primary purpose of ‘Raising Kings’ is to teach young boys the essential qualities that a man should possess. Mysonne explained how he saw his community suffer without any role models, which drove him to talk about real-life issues that wouldn’t just entertain the public, but also educate them. Influenced by his experiences with his son, he wrote the book to ensure that young boys today get the necessary guidance to mature into strong, responsible men.

The book emphasizes ten principles – identity, discipline, forgiveness, kindness, respect, hard work, accountability, love, communication, and leadership – which are critical for fostering a healthy and productive life. Mysonne wants to empower young boys and provide them with a roadmap for success in their communities.

The State of the Rap Industry and Messaging
Mysonne has also been vocal about his views on the rap industry and the harm that can come from its messaging. In the interview, he spoke about the importance of creating content that’s relatable to the younger generation. He said that most of the current music lacks substance and has no message other than promoting drugs, sex, and violence.

According to Mysonne, we must shift the focus from entertainment to education because kids are listening. Young boys take what they hear in entertainment and apply it to their lives, so it’s crucial for artists to use their platform to promote positive messaging that can guide them in life. For this reason, Mysonne has made it his mission to create music and books that empower and educate younger generations.

10-Minute Freestyle on Empowering the Black Community
During the Sway interview, Mysonne was in his element and dropped an electrifying 10-minute freestyle about the importance of empowering the black community. Mysonne believes that the systemic racism in America continues to impact black communities tremendously.

The freestyle showcased his lyrical proficiency and his deep-rooted passion for social justice. He spoke about his desire to witness unity and justice for his people, hoping that his music and books could influence change.

Raising Kings – A Book for Young Boys
‘Raising Kings’ is more than a children’s book; it’s a movement. With the constant negative portrayals of young black men in media today, this book is a beacon of light that inspires and empowers boys from every background. It teaches important character traits that are necessary for success in life. More so, it helps boys recognize the power of working hard, being respectful to themselves and others, and ultimately, becoming great leaders.

Mysonne’s visit to Sway In the Morning was a powerful reminder of the need for positive messaging in music and literature. The knowledge and insight shared by Mysonne and his co-author in ‘Raising Kings’ are extremely valuable to the young generation of boys who need guidance. This book is a must-read for young boys to learn about the principles of manhood and become strong, responsible individuals. Mysonne has proven that as artists, we have a unique responsibility to use our platforms for the greater good, and ‘Raising Kings’ is his latest contribution to that mission.

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