Kritta Rocks Sway In the Morning with a World Premiere of “iLY” & Freestyle

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Kritta, the talented artist known for his music that’s powered by emotional honesty, is making news again. This time, he’s teasing fans with a world premiere of his latest single, “iLY,” from his upcoming album, “Kritta (beta)” on November 10th, 2023. Listeners were in for a treat when Kritta stopped by Sway In The Morning to discuss his new album and grace the airwaves with “iLY.”

Kritta’s performance on Sway In The Morning was everything fans had hoped for and more. The rapper turned up the excitement in the room as he gave the world premiere of his much-awaited track “iLY,” which was met with wild cheers all around. With its catchy melody and brilliant lyrics, it’s easy to see why “iLY” is anticipated to be one of the most talked-about songs of the year.

Apart from the world premiere of “iLY,” Kritta also discussed his upcoming album, “Kritta (beta).” Talking about the evolution of his work, Kritta highlighted the challenges he had to overcome to get to where he is today. He also revealed the thought process that drives his creative process, emphasizing the importance of staying true to one’s emotions while crafting music.

While speaking on Sway In The Morning, Kritta opened up about his relentless journey of growth, discussing how he constantly embraces learning to strive for excellence in his work. Kritta’s music is fueled by a deep passion that fuels him to keep pushing himself to be better with every new project.

As an artist that’s known for his emotional honesty, Kritta has an ardent desire to create music that not only resonates with his fans but also has a lasting impact. He hopes that his latest album will not only embody his constant evolution but will also inspire people to find their own path of growth and discovery.

Kritta’s recent appearance on Sway In The Morning and the eventual world premiere of “iLY” marks a significant milestone in his career. As he gears up to release his upcoming album “Kritta (beta),” he remains focused on creating music that channels his personal growth, something that fans have come to expect from him. By staying vulnerable to his experiences and emotions, Kritta’s music resonates with his fans, inspiring them to chase their own dreams and passions. We can’t wait for his album to hit the shelves, and we’re sure it will be just as iconic as his previous work.

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