Haviah Mighty Crushes Freestyle On Sway In The Morning & Talks New Album

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Canadian rapper Halvah Mighty has been on a roll with her recent release of album ‘Crying Crystals’. And to top it off, she’s recently made an appearance on Sway In The Morning and slayed a fire freestyle. The Brampton, Ontario native’s talent is undeniable and her authenticity as a rapper is finally getting the attention it deserves.

During her visit to Sway In The Morning, Haviah Mighty discussed her new album ‘Crying Crystals’. The album is a follow-up to her well-respected previous EP, 2019’s ‘13th Floor’ which got her noticed in the Canadian hip-hop scene. With ‘Crying Crystals’, Halvah Mighty proves that she is not a one-trick pony, showcasing her versatility and storytelling skills. This album is getting the recognition that it deserves, as it is topping the charts on major streaming platforms.

Not only did Halvah Mighty discuss her album, but she also took the opportunity to showcase her freestyle skills. During the freestyle session on Sway In The Morning, she performed bars in her unique style with impressive lyrical agility, emphasizing on her authentic story-telling skills. It was clear that the hip-hop culture is not new to her, she is comfortable with her artistic craft, and she’s here to make an impact in the industry.

Halvah Mighty’s lyrical and musical talents have made her stand out in the Canadian hip-hop scene as she continues to be one of its brightest stars. She is keen on forging her own path, unapologetically showcasing her skills, and representing herself as a leading figure of female empowerment in the rap industry. Her authenticity and talents have attracted a growing fanbase among the fans of Canadian Hip Hop.

For Halvah Mighty, the future is bright. Her talents have never been in doubt, and she remains focused on being the best rapper that she can be. She is making waves, not just in Brampton and Canada, but worldwide, and her popularity is growing more every day. Keep watching this space!

Halvah Mighty’s appearance on Sway In The Morning once again proved why she’s one of the most promising acts in the Canadian Hip-Hop scene today. From her discussion about album ‘Crying Crystals’, her unique freestyle skills, and her unwavering authenticity – all these prove why Canadian Hip-Hop fans love and admire her. Halvah Mighty continues to create her lane, impressing with her lyrical talent and paving the way for the next generation to follow. It is safe to say we should watch out for Halvah Mighty in the coming years. With halvah Mighty’s authenticity, lyrical and musical talent, there’s no denying that she’s one to watch- she’s the true definition of authenticity, passion, and hard work.

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