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The latest installment in the GinaVerse Cypher series, Cypher #5 is finally here! Hosted by Gina Views, this edition features four talented artists – Bree Carter, Ivery Da Goddess, Lil Duece, and Gudda Brackin. The beat was produced by Larry Jayy from Los Angeles, and the DJ on set was none other than DJ R-Tistic. Keep reading to find out more about the production, wardrobe, and film crew that made this cypher an unforgettable experience.

The GinaVerse Cypher series is back and better than ever! The series, hosted by Gina Views, brings together some of the most talented upcoming artists for a unique showcase of their skills. Each cypher features a different group of artists and a new beat produced by some of the industry’s top producers. In Cypher #5, Larry Jayy’s production is exceptional, setting the perfect tone for each artist to shine bright.

The wardrobe styling for Cypher #5 was done by Kalyn Browne, who did an amazing job bringing out the personality of each artist through their outfits. The wardrobe was a great complement to the artists’ performances, setting the right mood for each one of them.

The film crew, led by Director/Editor Ajai True, captured every moment of the cypher perfectly. The camera work, lighting, and editing was on point, bringing out the best of each artist. Jonathan E Bazan and Ant, the two directors of photography on set, were able to capture the perfect shots that highlighted the energy and raw talent of each performer.

Conclusion: The GinaVerse Cypher series continues to be a must-watch for fans of real rap, looking to discover the next big thing in the industry. Cypher #5 featuring Bree Carter, Ivery Da Goddess, Lil Duece, and Gudda Brackin was an unforgettable experience that showcased the raw talent of each artist. Larry Jayy’s beat, combined with the wardrobe styling and film crew, made this cypher a standout edition in the series. We can’t wait to see what the next installment of the GinaVerse Cypher series has in store!

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