Common Inspires Wellness and Proves His Emcee Mastery on Sway In The Morning

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Legendary rapper and mindfulness advocate, Common, recently graced the airwaves of Sway In The Morning, where he not only discussed his latest venture into health and wellness but also demonstrated the lyrical prowess that solidifies his status as one of the game’s finest emcees.

And Then We Rise: A Guide to Loving and Taking Care of Self, is Common’s heartfelt invitation to readers, encouraging an integrated approach to personal wellness. His book delves deep into the essence of well-being by encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, offering actionable advice crafted from his own life experiences.

But Common never strays far from his roots — he reminded listeners of his raw talent and enduring skill during an impromptu cypher. Alongside up-and-comer JWalt from the Bay Area and the multi-talented Lani Light, Common proved that his artistry transcends the confines of a recording studio. It was a seamless blend of transformative messages and pure hip-hop, leaving fans both enlightened and entertained.

Stay tuned as we unpack the insights from And Then We Rise, providing you with the gems to elevate your self-care game. Meanwhile, Common continues to showcase that true artistry and wisdom can go hand-in-hand, inspiring a generation to rise, in more ways than one.

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