Chicago PD’s LaRoyce Hawkins Gets Real on Rejection & Success!

by SU Staff
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In a heartfelt appearance on Sway In The Morning, LaRoyce Hawkins, known for his role as Officer Kevin Atwater on “Chicago P.D.,” shared insights into his career, his NAACP Award nomination, and his life experiences on and off screen. Hawkins, who blends acting and music, talked about how growing up in Harvey, just outside Chicago, shaped his resilience and artistic vision. He emphasized his deep connection to his roots and his commitment to his community.

Hawkins also shared a funny and touching story about his childhood pet, Duke the duck, highlighting the importance of life’s unexpected moments and the lasting impact they have.

Hawkins’ open discussion on rejection and resilience in entertainment was striking. He shared how turning down offers, seen not as setbacks but strategic moves, can lead to better opportunities and align with one’s true path. His insights were a lesson in overcoming challenges in pursuit of ambitious goals, across any industry.

Reflecting on his NAACP Award nomination, Hawkins expressed introspection and gratitude. He viewed the nomination as not only a personal triumph but also a sign of progress and representation in the industry, underscoring the value of diverse talents and stories.

This SITM Interview went beyond the usual celebrity interview, offering an insightful look at LaRoyce Hawkins of “Chicago P.D.” His tales of success, adversity, and humor reminded us of the complexities in our journeys.

For both fans and newcomers, this episode is an engaging invitation to delve into LaRoyce Hawkins’ world. It showcases the resilience needed in the entertainment industry and how authenticity and staying true to one’s roots enrich one’s work.

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