Chef Roger Mooking’s “Soundbites” Album Brings Creativity and Blackness to Life

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As the world deals with the ongoing pandemic, it has allowed musicians and artists to release their creative energy and share their craft to the world. Recently, the multi-talented Chef Roger Mooking stopped by Sway In The Morning to promote his new album “Soundbites,” and discuss his latest book “Curious Sounds”: A Dialogue in Three Movements. Chef Roger’s new album and book discuss creativity, Blackness, and family, all while offering a unique perspective on the rhythm of life through visual art, food, lyrics, and mini-stories.

Chef Roger Mooking’s “Soundbites” album is his sixth studio album and explores various themes. One of the primary themes of the album is creativity, discussing how it’s important to find inspiration in various aspects of life, such as food, art, and music. Chef Roger amplifies the importance of creativity by not only including his unique sound but also a feature of various artists, encapsulating their own unique sounds.

Another significant theme of “Soundbites” is Blackness. Chef Roger uses music to shed a light on Black artistry and experience, which he feels is often overlooked. His album showcases his creativity as a Black artist while also highlighting the rich culture of Black music, art, and food evident in the African diaspora, celebrating the intersectionality of his identity.

In addition to “Soundbites”, Chef Roger Mooking’s “Curious Sounds”: A Dialogue in Three Movements, which translates his exploration of creativity through multimedia, is available for purchase. The book features a mixture of visual arts, food, and lyrics through written mini-stories that offer deep insight into Chef Roger’s process of creative discovery.

Lastly, Chef Roger’s freestyle on Sway In The Morning shows us yet another side of him as an artist. The freestyle was a captivating display of his lyrical prowess, offering yet another medium for him to express himself and showcase his talent.

In his new album “Soundbites” and book “Curious Sounds,” Chef Roger Mooking offers us a new perspective on Blackness, family, and creativity through his unique lens. The album and book provide an invitation to reflect on the rhythm of life and to see new possibilities in how we experience it, especially during these tough times. For Chef Roger, it’s all about the deep connection between food, visual art, music, and creativity. Through his work, his unique sound and storytelling showcase the fullness of the African diaspora, celebrating the intersectionality of his identity and creativity. Chef Roger’s journey demonstrates that what makes us unique is often what inspires us to create and bring joy to others.

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