Issa Rae’s ‘Rap Sh!t’ Season 2 Review

by SU Staff
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In the highly anticipated second season of “Rap Sh!t,” Shawna and Mia find themselves at a crossroads despite gaining some online notoriety. Stardom and a successful career still feel out of reach, and their first tour is looming. But instead of basking in the limelight, they’re stuck on the sidelines, watching Reina Reign’s music video set. With a producer at war with their ill-equipped manager, Shawna and Mia realize that success won’t come easy.

As the season unfolds, we see Shawna become a person of interest in a fraud investigation, causing tension in her relationship with Maurice. Mia, on the other hand, must contend with the challenges of co-parenting and her unpredictable mother. Stripping away the social media-driven visuals, “Rap Sh!t” takes us on a journey beyond Miami as Shawna and Mia explore the cutthroat music industry.

This season delves into the complexities faced by women in entertainment, including issues of autonomy, image, and the pressure to succeed. It tackles substance dependency, mental health struggles, and the loss of control that fame can bring. But amidst the seriousness, the show remains fun, with hilarious one-liners from Mia’s best friends and memorable moments that will leave you laughing and craving chicken nuggets.

With a textured and raw approach, “Rap Sh!t” Season 2 is a thrilling watch that explores the realities of fame, the power of dreams, and the uncovering of hidden nightmares. Don’t miss the premiere of the first two episodes on November 9th, with new episodes airing weekly on Thursdays. Buckle up for a wild ride into the world of music like you’ve never seen before.

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