Everything You Need to Know About Them Season 2: The Scare

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Are you ready for more spine-chilling horror and gripping storytelling? Buckle up because Them Season 2: The Scare is set to premiere on April 25, 2024, taking viewers on a terrifying journey back to the 1990s. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season!

Cast Updates

  • Debby Ayorinde: Returning as LAPD Detective Dawn Reeve.
  • New Additions: Legendary actress Pam Grier joins the cast along with Joshua J. Williams, Luke James, Wayne Knight, Jeremy Bobb, Charlice Brice, Iman Shupert, and Carlito Olivero.

Storyline Preview

In this new season of Them, the storyline shifts from the Emorys to a fresh horror tale set in the gritty backdrop of the 1990s. The focus of the season centers around a chilling murder investigation that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Trailer Release

The nail-biting trailer for Them Season 2 has been unveiled, offering a sneak peek into the spine-tingling suspense awaiting viewers. Get ready to uncover the dark secrets lurking in 1990s Los Angeles as Detective Dawn Reeve dives deep into a series of gruesome murders.

Release Date Confirmation

Mark your calendars because the terror continues on April 25, 2024, when Them Season 2 makes its highly-anticipated debut on Amazon Prime Video. Prepare for a rollercoaster of fear and suspense as the new season unfolds.

What to Expect

As the series evolves into a new era, audiences can anticipate a fresh narrative filled with mystery, thrills, and the signature horror elements that make Them a standout anthology. With a talented ensemble cast and a storyline that promises to deliver shocks and surprises, Them Season 2: The Scare is poised to captivate audiences once again.

Don’t miss out on the spine-chilling excitement of Them Season 2 as it delves into the darkness of 1990s Los Angeles and unravels a tale of terror unlike anything you’ve seen before. Get ready to be scared senseless as Them returns with a vengeance!

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