The Ultimate Usher Super Bowl Set list

by Qwaci Gregory
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Usher has been one of the best artists in music for 30 years and it kind of feels like he is getting a second wind after a monstrous run with his Las Vegas Residency. It was the must-see show for the last year years and if you missed it you played yourself! And now it is hard to believe that he is possibly going to have one of the biggest weekend’s of his career as he dropped a new album today, performing on the biggest stage in the world at the Super Bowl and going right back on tour after that. 

So we went to take a bit to honor this man and all his achievements, but most importantly evaluate what he can pull from his illustrious discography in to a 15 minute set to play to all the audience types watching the big game. 

Usher has way too many hits to really boil a 30 year career into 15 minutes and take care of all of his fan base. So we are putting the disclaimer out there that this is an attempt to cover past and present while doing something for all his fans. The last two Super Bowl performances, Dr. Dre and Rihanna 11 and 12 songs respectively. Which means they did about one and a half minutes of tracks. So with that in mind we are pulling together 12 songs that will complete this set list. 

1. My Way

2. U Remind Me

3. You Make Me Wanna

4. Confessions Part II

5. Good Good (Summer Walker & 21 Savage)

6. U Don’t Have To Call

7. Caught Up

8. Yeah! (Lil Jon & Ludacris)

9. DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love (Pitbull)

10. OMG (

11. Without You (David Guetta)

There you have it, our picks for the Usher Super Bowl set list! Let us know what you think we missed. And be sure to check out Usher’s new album Coming Home and his Super Bowl performance this Sunday. 

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