The Return of the Legendary DJ Muggs and the Soul Assassins

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DJ Muggs is a name that should be familiar to anyone who has a love and appreciation for hip-hop music. As a creator and producer of Cypress Hill and the Soul Assassins, Muggs has cemented himself as a legendary figure in not only one genre but multiple genres of music. From his early beginnings in the late ’80s to his recent projects, Muggs has continued to innovate and push boundaries in the industry. And today, we have some exciting news to share with all of you.

After a hiatus of 14 years, DJ Muggs is finally back with the Soul Assassins for their third album, set to release on August 25, 2023. Titled Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley, the album promises to be an absolute treat for fans of the group, who have been eagerly waiting for new music for over a decade.

Along with the album announcement, Muggs has released the first single from the upcoming project, titled “Jokers Wild,” which features CeeLo Green. The single is an absolute banger and a testament to the chemistry between Muggs and CeeLo, who have worked together in the past on the SA albums “Goodie Mob” and “Decisions, Decisions.”

In an interview, Muggs revealed that he found the beat for “Jokers Wild” on an old cassette tape from 1998 and digitized it. After sharing it on Instagram, CeeLo heard it and approached Muggs about collaborating on the track, which the duo completed after exchanging several ideas and revisions.

In addition to the album and the single, DJ Muggs has also teamed up with filmmaker Jason Goldwatch for a cinematic movie set to release on September 8, 2023. The film, also titled Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley, was shot on location in Death Valley and promises to be an exciting visual treat for fans of the group.

Overall, the return of DJ Muggs and the Soul Assassins has been eagerly anticipated by fans for years, and the upcoming album, single, and movie all promise to be absolute game-changers. From their early days in the late ’90s to their current projects, Muggs and the Soul Assassins have remained committed to pushing boundaries and redefining what is possible with hip-hop music. So mark your calendars and get ready for an incredible ride with the Soul Assassins 3: Death Valley.

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