Skyzoo Releases New Album ‘The Mind Of A Saint’ Based on FX’s ‘Snowfall’

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Skyzoo has once again demonstrated his unparalleled ability to weave complex narratives into his music with the release of “The Mind Of A Saint.” This album, inspired by the intricate persona of Franklin Saint from the critically acclaimed series “Snowfall,” showcases Skyzoo’s deep commitment to exploring the human condition through the lens of hip-hop. Each track is a mosaic piece, contributing to a larger narrative that examines the duality of a man torn between different worlds. The album not only serves as a testament to Skyzoo’s lyrical prowess and storytelling ability but also as a profound commentary on the socio-economic conditions that define and, oftentimes, constrain human experiences.

With tracks like “Eminent Domain” and “Straight Drop, Skyzoo provides listeners with a vivid auditory experience, one that captures the essence of Franklin Saint’s struggles and triumphs. This project underscores Skyzoo’s role as a visionary in hip-hop, setting him apart as an artist who consistently challenges the boundaries of storytelling within the genre. The full album was produced by The Other Guys.


  1. Eminent Domain
  2. Views From The Valley
  3. Panthers And Powder 
  4. Straight Drop
  5. 100 To One
  6. Bodies!
  7. The Balancing Act
  8. Brick By Brick
  9. Apologies In Order
  10. Purity

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