Shantel May Releases New Single “Love It Here” Lola Brooke

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In the evolving landscape of R&B, few names sparkle with as much promise as Toronto’s own Shantel May. With her latest offering, “Love It Here,” featuring the dynamic New York rapper Lola Brooke, May not only cements her place in the hearts of her growing fanbase but also announces her grand entrance into the US music scene. This track, which marks May’s debut with MNRK Music Group, is produced by the talented duo SK & K Major, and it stands as a shimmering testament to the singer’s vocal range and storytelling prowess.

“Love It Here” is an intoxicating mix that perfectly captures the essence of modern R&B while still nodding to its rich history. The collaboration with Lola Brooke adds an edgy, lyrical dimension to the track, creating a perfect balance between May’s sultry vocals and Brooke’s razor-sharp verses. Together, they explore themes of love, self-assurance, and the complexities of relationships, all wrapped up in a production that’s both polished and deeply emotive.

Shantel May’s voice, rich and intoxicating, intertwines beautifully with the track’s smooth beats, illustrating her ability to connect with listeners on a personal level. The chemistry between May and Brooke is palpable, offering a glimpse into the potential of future collaborations that could further uplift both of their careers. “Love It Here” is not just a song; it’s an experience, a declaration of independence, and a love letter to the vibrancy of feeling confident and unapologetic in one’s own skin.

Behind the scenes, the skilled hands of producers SK & K Major have sculpted a soundscape that’s both innovative and respectful of the genre’s roots, proving that “Love It Here” is not just a standout track but a harbinger of the future of R&B. Shantel May, with her unique blend of confidence, vulnerability, and artistry, is certainly a name to watch. As she steps into the limelight of the US music scene, “Love It Here” serves as a powerful introduction to an artist poised for greatness and a reminder of the universal language of music—a language where Shantel May is undoubtedly fluent.

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