Rah Swish’s Latest Single “I Am Not Human” Sheds Light on the Dirty Side of The Music Industry

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After taking a short break from the rap scene, Rah Swish has returned with a powerful new single, “I Am Not Human.” In this track, the Brooklyn-based rapper takes on some of the darker parts of the music industry, exploring relationships, fame, and the loss of loved ones. Rah’s signature flow is as sharp as ever, and his lyrics are both deep and provocative. “I Am Not Human” is a track that demands attention, and one that will keep you thinking long after the music has stopped.

Rah Swish begins the track by exploring the complex and often transactional nature of the relationships within the music industry. He raps: “Once you’ve earned your stripes, they start to use you. They don’t even check in on you, no mutual relations here. Old pals become new pals, new pals become BFFs…” These lyrics capture the idea that success in the music industry often means sacrificing genuine connections in favor of business partnerships. It’s a reality that many artists face, and Rah Swish doesn’t shy away from it.

In the second verse of the track, Rah explores the pain of losing loved ones and feeling disconnected from the world around him. He raps: “I lost a couple of soldiers to these streets. Lost touch with my family, only family is the team.” These lyrics speak to the isolation that can come with fame, as well as the challenges that come with navigating difficult relationships and losses. It’s a raw and emotional moment in the song, and one that is sure to resonate with Rah’s fans.

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