Nicki Minaj Collaborates with Monica and Keyshia Cole on “Love Me Enough”

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In a new, empowering track titled “Love Me Enough,” powerhouse rapper Nicki Minaj teams up with R&B artists Monica and Keyshia Cole. This track comes on the heels of Minaj’s recent release with 50 Cent, “Beep Beep.”

“Love Me Enough” is a testament to self-love and independence. Produced by the skilled trio of Murda Beatz, Charlie Handsome, and Joseph L’Étranger, the track is a heart-felt anthem for anyone who’s ever struggled with dependency in relationships. Minaj’s lyrics resonate with raw honesty and vulnerability: “I used to think my happiness depended on a man / Diamond on the ring finger blinging on my hand / Sativa or Indica, it don’t matter what the strain / The worst drug of all, the addiction to a man…”

Minaj’s open confrontation of past reliance on romantic relationships for happiness is a powerful message that many listeners can resonate with. The combination of her hard-hitting lines with Monica and Keyshia Cole’s soulful vocals give “Love Me Enough” a unique blend of hip-hop and R&B, resulting in a track that’s both inspiring and relatable. Give it a listen below.

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