Kamaiyah Announces New LP ‘Another Summer Night’ and Drops New Video for “Groupies”

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Oakland’s very own, Kamaiyah is back with a brand new single and video for “Groupies.” But that’s not all! Kamaiyah has also announced her upcoming album, Another Summer Night, set to be released on November 24th, 2023. Along with the announcement, she’s also unveiled some exciting features on the album, including Jay Worthy and 03 Greedo.

First up, let’s talk about the new single and video. “Groupies” is classic Kamaiyah, with her confident vocals laid over a funky beat. The video, directed by Kevin Johnson, features Kamaiyah and her squad living their best lives in a luxurious mansion. The theme of the song is all about Kamaiyah’s success and the groupies who come along with it. As with all of Kamaiyah’s music, “Groupies” is fun, energetic, and full of personality.

Now, on to Another Summer Night. Kamaiyah’s debut album, A Good Night in the Ghetto, was a critical success, earning praise for its authentic and unfiltered portrayal of life in Oakland. Another Summer Night promises to be just as raw and real, with Kamaiyah’s signature swagger and charismatic flow on full display. The album is named after a classic Oakland event, the summer night block party, and pays tribute to her roots in the city. In addition to Jay Worthy and 03 Greedo, Another Summer Night will also feature production from Mike & Keys, CT Beats, and more.

Kamaiyah herself has said that Another Summer Night is her most personal project to date, and fans can expect to hear a lot more about her life and experiences on the album. She’s also teased that the project will feature some unexpected collaborations, so be prepared for some surprises.

Kamaiyah is one of the most exciting voices in hip hop right now, and the release of “Groupies” and the announcement of Another Summer Night has only added fuel to the fire. With her unique style and undeniable talent, Kamaiyah is poised to take over the game, and we can’t wait to see what she has in store for us next. In the meantime, we’ll be blasting “Groupies” on repeat and counting down the days until November 24th.

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