Iman Nunez Drops New Video for “I Got Time”

by SU Staff
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Iman Nunez, Yonkers’s own lyrical maestro, has just rolled out the latest visual feast for his single “I Got Time,” and it’s a vibe infused with confidence, swagger, and, of course, the emcee’s signature glare at the doubters. The track, produced by the hands of Camp Audio’s diverse trio—@levygrey, @lifeofthom, & @jamesburnsbeats—is a hard-hitting reminder of Nunez’s place in the rap game and his unshakable presence.

Released earlier this month, “I Got Time” unfolds over two lit minutes, a braggadocious soundtrack that’s every bit the anthem of self-assured audacity as Iman places his bets and calls his shots. The cash on the table isn’t just for show; it’s a declaration.

Behind the stirring beats of “I Got Time” lies Camp Audio, a production team that’s carving a name for itself in the industry. With @levygrey, @lifeofthom, and @jamesburnsbeats at the production’s helm, the track becomes an exhibition of tight beats and a pulsating baseline that emboldens Iman’s lyrics—a testament to their collective musical prowess.

From the streets of Yonkers to stages across America, Iman Nunez’s journey is one for the hip-hop books. Kicking off in 2016 with his debut “To Be Continued,” hosted by none other than Hot 97’s DJ Enuff, Nunez has transformed from a fresh face to a seasoned voice in rap. His trajectory wasn’t just about dropping tracks; it was about making statements.

The raw authenticity of Iman’s work has not only earned him a stand-out spot but also the chance to rub shoulders and share stages with giants in the game—21 Savage, Lil Wayne, and Logic, to name a few. And let’s not forget his 2022 Rosedale EP tour, which saw him cross coastlines to bring his music to the masses.

The new visuals for “I Got Time” double down on Iman’s message. Set against the gritty background of his Yonkers’ roots, the video is rich with imagery that aligns with his fast-climbing career and the assurance that comes with knowing his time is still ahead of him.

Fans and newcomers alike are given a front-row seat to Iman’s artistic evolution. It’s clear that with every verse, every bar, and every beat, Iman Nunez isn’t just part of the conversation—he’s leading it.

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