ElCamino & Real Bad Man Team Up with Boldy James for “No Fighting”

by SU Staff
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This season, all eyes are on a dope collab that’s about to shake up your playlist. ElCamino & Real Bad Man, along with Boldy James, have come together on the new single, “No Fighting.”

This track offers a deep listening journey, blending ElCamino’s raw storytelling with Real Bad Man’s creative beats, with the signature Boldy James’ sound. It’s a mix that’s captivating and thought-provoking, inviting you into a world where every verse and beat hits home.

“No Fighting” is just a taste of their upcoming joint project, “The Game Is The Game,” dropping on March 15th. This single sets the stage for what’s bound to be a game-changing album, showcasing the duo’s incredible chemistry and shared vision.

In a world hungry for real music, “No Fighting” shows the power of influential artists coming together. Hit play, pop it on your favorite playlist, and dive into the music that’s about to take over the airwaves.

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