DDG Drops “Shoot Up Your Block”

by SU Staff
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In his latest musical endeavor, DDG takes an intense, emotional turn with his new single “Shoot Up Your Block,” weaving the fierce narrative of a father’s protective instincts and undying love for his family. This track stands out as more than just music; it’s an ode to his newborn son, marking a significant pivot in DDG Runs Drops’s career and personal life. At 26 years old, the rapper not only uses his platform to express his artistry but also to share the profoundly personal milestone of becoming a father.

The music video for “Shoot Up Your Block” is particularly compelling, featuring his newborn son in a move that adds layers of depth to the narrative. DDG Runs Drops raps about the extents he would go to protect his family, mirroring the sentiments many parents feel, albeit through the unique lens of his life and career. The decision to keep the birth of his first child a secret initially allowed him and his new family to cherish the early moments in privacy, adding an element of relatability to his persona offstage.

This latest release builds on the momentum of his 2024 album, following the success of his previous hit, “Going To The Top.” Together, these tracks sketch a new trajectory for DDG Runs Drops, one that interlaces his personal evolution with his musical evolution. Through “Shoot Up Your Block,” DDG Runs Drops invites his audience into a more intimate sphere of his life, showcasing growth not only as an artist but as a person – a father vowing to protect and cherish his family above all.

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