Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Wiz Khalifa’s Star Power Mixtape with a New Vinyl Release

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Wiz Khalifa’s fans have something new to be excited about! Rostrum Records is releasing the first-ever vinyl pressing of Wiz Khalifa’s 2008 mixtape, Star Power, to commemorate its 15th anniversary. This limited-edition package features retro video game-inspired artwork, complete with “outer space” vinyl discs and a lyrics insert resembling a video game instruction booklet.

Star Power was a significant project in Wiz Khalifa’s early career, playing a vital role in establishing his unique sound and reputation as a hardworking, talented stoner. The tape features multiple guest appearances from Wiz’s close associate Chevy Woods, and production molded at the legendary I.D. Labs by Pittsburgh natives like Sledgren, E. Dan, Johnny Juliano, Rocky Fontaine, and Big Jerm. Spanning 23 tracks, Star Power showcases Wiz’s melodic mastery and strong songwriting skills that would soon make him a superstar, acting as a crucial stepping stone in his journey from Pittsburgh prominence to worldwide recognition.

The limited-edition vinyl pressing of Star Power is a must-have for any Wiz Khalifa fan and vinyl collector alike. Its retro video game-inspired cover art, NES cartridge style die-cut inner sleeve, and “outer space” vinyl discs make it stand out from the crowd. The lyrics insert resembling a video game instruction booklet also adds an extra dose of nostalgia, making it an exciting addition to any record collection. You can pre-order the vinyl now, with expected shipping on December 1, 2023.

Rostrum Records is known for its exceptional vinyl releases, and this one is no exception. As vinyl collectors know, nothing compares to the feeling of playing a record on a quality turntable, and with the limited-edition package of Star Power, fans can get their hands on something rare and special. The album cover’s video game-inspired art is also a great throwback for old-school gamers, adding an extra layer of appeal to the release.

In conclusion, the release of the first-ever vinyl pressing of Wiz Khalifa’s Star Power is a groundbreaking milestone to celebrate, especially for vinyl collectors and fans of classic hip hop. This limited-edition package will be a prized possession for many, complete with retro video game-inspired cover art and “outer space” vinyl discs. And with a lyrics insert resembling a video game instruction booklet, this release is a tribute not just to Wiz Khalifa and his music, but also to the nostalgia of a bygone era. So why not preorder the vinyl now and join in the celebration of this iconic mixtape?

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