Blu, Sa-Roc, and 60 East Team Up for a Soul-Stirring Saga in “Soul Fly”

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In the landscape of hip-hop, every now and then, a collaboration comes along that resets the bar for artistry and collaboration. “Soul Fly” represents precisely that. A masterful amalgamation of talent, this latest single sees 60 East, Blu, and Sa-Roc joining lyrical forces, setting the stage ablaze with their vivid narratives and unparalleled flow. But what makes “Soul Fly” stand out is not just the names attached to it, but the soul-penetrating production led by Grammy-nominated maestro, Eric G, a proud member of the illustrious Soul Council curated by 9th Wonder.

Right from the start, “Soul Fly” immerses listeners in a mix of introspection and excitement. Blu, a respected figure in indie hip-hop, and Sa-Roc, known for her powerful lyrics, effortlessly blend their verses with 60 East’s storytelling. Stephanie Soul’s catchy hook takes the track to new heights, forming a blend that truly connects with the listener.

What makes this release stand out is how it’s reaching the fans. In a time when streaming rules, “Soul Fly” does something different by letting fans buy the album “My Hometown” straight from 60 East’s website ( This isn’t just a nod to traditional music distribution but a direct connection between artists and fans, giving a personalized touch. Plus, buying this gets you an exclusive ticket to the album release party, making this musical journey even more special!

While the complete album won’t grace streaming platforms until later this year, “Soul Fly” serves as a tantalizing taste of what’s to come. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, the beauty of soulful production, and the enduring essence of hip-hop. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this groundbreaking moment in music – grab your exclusive access now and prepare to soar with “Soul Fly.”

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