“The Kitchen” Streaming on Netflix January 19th

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Netflix has once again served a feast for all the movie buffs out there. This time, it’s Daniel Kaluuya’s directorial debut, “The Kitchen”. Co-directed by Kibwe Tavares, the movie is set against the backdrop of a dystopian London, where hope still flickers in the midst of societal collapse.

“The Kitchen” brings to the fore an ensemble of talented actors led by Kane Robinson, better known as British rapper Kano, and joined by newcomer Jedaiah Bannerman. Robinson delivers a captivating performance as Izi, a father on the brink of understanding the rewards and demands of parenthood. Bannerman steps into the role of young Benji, a character caught in the intricate nexus of relationships in a world sharply divided between the haves and the have-nots.

The plot thickens as Izi is about to realize his dream of escaping from London’s Kitchen — one of the last remaining housing estates in a city crippled by stark wealth disparity. Benji’s unexpected arrival complicates matters further. An emotional climax is hinted at in the trailer when Benji confronts Izi, stating, “You never loved my mom, but you would have loved me.”

Boasting a stellar supporting cast that includes Hope Ikpoku Jr, Ian Wright, BackRoad Gee, Cristale, Teija Kabs, and Demmy Ladipo, “The Kitchen” is set to deliver a cinematic experience that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Mark your calendars and stay tuned for this thrilling narrative!

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