Love & Whiskey: A Journey Through Time and Legacy

by SU Staff
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Fawn Weaver is taking over the spirits industry and sharing its rich history at the same time. in her new book she delves into America’s most iconic whiskey brands with Love & Whiskey, unveiling the hidden narrative behind the creation of the whiskey that bears Jack Daniel’s name, specifically going into the life and legacy of Nearest Green, an African American distilling genius.

Weaver is leading the Uncle Nearest brand forward and building on to the brand like the recent acquisition of Square One Spirits. And in the process of building this empire, she is bringing this story to light goes beyond mere historical recounting; it is a live journey into the heart of storytelling.

Love & Whiskey invites readers to witness a story of enduring friendship, resilience, and the impact of giving credit where it’s long overdue. It’s an inspiring tale of how uncovering the past can forge new paths and how the spirit of whiskey has connected lives across generations. Join Fawn Weaver on this extraordinary adventure as she navigates through the layers of history, friendship, and the unbreakable bonds formed by the legacy of America’s native spirit, ensuring that the stories of Nearest Green and his descendants live on in the heart of American culture.

Love & Whiskey is fittingly available on June 18th just before Juneteenth. So you can grab your copy and a cocktail and sit back this holiday and get a good read.

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