Z-Ro Gets Raw: How he Squashed Beef With Slim Thug, Being Homeless While Signed, Lessons from Pimp C + Freestyles Live

Video by YSKSK Media

Straight out of Houston Z Ro came up with the likes of DJ Screw, Pimp C, Bun B and Slim Thug while keeping the city on lock. Joining Sway in the Morning to speak on his new album “Drankin’ & Drivin'” which hits stores July 15th, he keeps it all the way real while breaking down life in the H.

Starting things off by saying the city of Houston is not united like it used to be, Z Ro lists some ways that could re-unite the city he loves. While he’s reached out to some he explains that there are certain people who don’t want to be contacted and others that are fine with things the way they are.

A part of the legendary Screwed Up Clique, Z Ro fills Sway in on how DJ Scew’s legacy is being upheld as he shares advice that Screw gave him over the years. While talking through Houston and Screw’s sound he praises Drake and other artists for paying homage to the patented sound of his hometown.

With the city divided Z Ro opens up about beef and disagreements he’s had over the years. Being very candid on his definition of beef he talks about squashing things with Slim Thug. He explains that as the leader of the North part of Houston that the city wouldn’t survive if him and Slim Thug, the leader of the south continued things. He admits off the top that Slim was the bigger man in the situation as he brings Sway up to speed.

While some beefs have been resolved Z Ro keeps it all the way real when Trae The Truth is brought up. Candidly saying that him and Trae will solve there issues if Pac comes back, Z Ro explains that the problem lies within their inner circles being told who to mess with and who to stay away from. He even admits that they’ve tried many times to come to terms with each other but there’s been no such luck.

Speaking on the struggle and his motivation to make something of himself, Z Ro reveals that even while he was signed to Rap-A-Lot records he was sleeping under bridges.

Before taking off Z Ro rips a freestyle over “Drive Slow” and plays a clip of a song from his album featuring Krayzie Bone as he speaks on what it means to have him on the project.

Watch the full, honest interview above and pre-order “Drankin’ & Drivin'” on iTunes before the July 15th release.

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  1. Love me sum z ro, still listen to that Guerilla Maab. Love the way he evolved from what he been thru. Blessed by the best. He’s a Living testimony! Cant wait to get that Drankin n Drivin!!!

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