YouTube & Chill? Execs at the famous streaming company are switching the game up.

Last month, the YouTube team announced that they were looking into transforming the now free streaming website into something a little bit more financially beneficial, at least for them.

With other streaming services on the rise such as Netflix and Hulu, Youtube doesn’t want to be the only ones not making money. Their main idea with proposing the idea is being able to offer viewers a commercial free/ad free experience while browsing the website but for a monthly fee.

The $10 monthly fee will include commercial free videos along with a subscription to their new music streaming service. The music service will allow users to listen to songs while the device is either on or off line as well as background playback.

A mass email was sent to all of the content owners that use YouTube to showcase their work asking them to agree to the new way of doing things and sign off on it by October 22nd.

We’ve had 10 great years of free YouTube and now they’re heavily considering transforming in to a subscription service. How do you guys feel about it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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