Your Old Droog Shows Off His Impressive Flow in “White Rappers”

Known for his Nas flow, Your Old Droog has definitely been one to watch for awhile now.  Today, he’s decided to stir the pot with a new single called “White Rappers”.

The track starts off with Brand Nubian rapper Lord Jamar’s famous words: “White rappers…your coming to this, almost as a guest…matter of fact, you are a guest in the house of Hip-Hop” but Your Old Droog isn’t here for it.  The Brooklyn native raps “What matters is the beats and if the emcee goes in//It’s not about the color of your skin,” and he definitely proves that on this track.  His flow on this is sick and the beat is dope…what more can you ask for?

“White Rappers” will be on his upcoming project PACKS, coming soon.  How do you feel about the track?  Check it out below.

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