Your New Summer Nights Anthem: Maffew Ragazino "Summer Nine Five"

“Today is shaping up to be a wonderful day”

Maffew Ragazino only days away from the July 1st ‘Eight Million Stories’ release, warms things up with “Summer Nine Five”. His smooth delivery perfectly vibes with the Jimmy Dukes production, that easily takes us mentally to our version of a memorable summer night. Perfect timing as we approach July with endless family/friend get togethers on the way, good conversation and loud music – here is something that will sound great on those nights:


1. Dress Code f. Fev (prod. Duke Simms of Shinobi Ninja)
2. Better Recognize f. Roc Marciano (prod. Frank the Butcher & Paul Mighty)
3. FBG$ (prod. Ecks)
4. Summer Nine Five (prod. Jimmy Dukes)
5. Me x Earl & Cornbread (prod. Quincy Tones)
6. Motherless Child (prod. Ecks)
7. Invidia Boyce (prod. Nickels F)
8. Eight Million Stories f. Willie The Kid (prod. AP)
Bonus: Dress Code (Tommy vs Ralph) f. Thirstin Howl The 3rd

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