Young Butta drops jewels over Large Professor's live beats + Speaks on being slaughtered on his first battle rap

By Maria-Karmina Landicho
Young Butta takes it back to the simpler times. He recalls on the days he didn’t even know how to count bars, but knew how to battle rap, and tells a story about the very first time he went in to battle and lost tortuously saying,

“Oh man I went down. Torture. Slaughtered.”

And this character talks about his first hit-track which he felt didn’t fit him and what he wanted to portray as an artist. So he took the song that is lighting up in the mid-west called, “Money Dance” — which Butta truly believes fits his soul. After being premiered in-studio, Young Butta may (or may not) have gotten Sway to do the money dance to. You’ll just have to watch the interview to see!

So of course, Sway throws him in the fire for this series, Friday Cypher to spit over Large Professor’s (L.P.) live beats. Watch as this man just throws his “thought in the air,” magically taking off to this freestyle and leaving Large Professor winded. You might want to tune into this one — Professor said it himself:

“He came with the jewels this time!”

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