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Young Black Kings Lift the Youth Voice from Ghana to Oakland + Performs Live on Air

There are few things more important than developing our youth and educating them properly in order to be fully equipped/prepared for the world ahead of them. Our guest Hodari Davis (@mrdavis510stopped by with a few Young Black Kings (YBK) from the African American Male Achievement Student Leadership Counsel program and to share a little bit about the incredible movement in Oakland.

In addition to that, he is also apart of a program called “Youth Speaks” which provides kids a safe yet extensive platform to let their voices be heard and supported. Not only locally but on an international level as Young, Gifted and Black have collectively taken kids to Ghana to perform/experience that culture at an early age. So, not only are they performing from Oakland to Africa but they are also providing an overlooked voice of the youth that really is the most important considering how they are effected.

Before leaving the show, we had to get a live performance and it was more than worth it! Definitely a must see! Enjoy the full interview above.



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